Due to our true deep belief in our vision which is looking to entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally, and through adhering to our message which is implied in our excellence, we seek in all construction and building projects implemented by our company, BINSALMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD We commit to look forward to always provide our services in a way that would help to achieve the best distinctive performance standards in accordance with international standards.

Delivering a Qualified construction with Quality on the principle of “ Deliver Right from the beginning ”.


The true deep belief we have in our vision which is looking to entrepreneurship worldwide and through experience of more than Three decades Binsalman Construction CO. LTD is committed in building strong relationship with its customers. With this principle our Quality policy is born with Integrity, Transparency and Commitment to the client satisfaction through continual improvement in the industry.

We practice the below for clean and clear delivery to our customers : –
The commitment to Quality management system, Occupational Health safety and assessment series and Environment management system.Extended concern on Occupational health safety on every employee of the organization. Frequent interaction with management verses employee and effective visitation at the status of action plans.Since our industry has very close bondage with the natural resources company concentrates at the usage and recycling of every single product resource.BCC taken an extra step to extend the continuity of quality along with Environmental Management system.

Standards of Quality – integrated with ISO
BINSALMAN CONSTRUCTION CO. LTD motivates its quality standard functions through Integrated Management System of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in the following segments: